« Every society has a history, and these histories are full of heroes and pioneers… What has been developed with the pioneer role of women like Besê, Sara and Zarîfe… who have sacrificed themselves, their bodies in order to strengthen all of the societies that today struggle against the systems of oppression, of state and men. Everywhere in Rojava, step by step, the YPJ first started in the own local village and cities with very modest steps, only its philosophy of defending the own existence and society… facing all the brutal mercenaries… » Jiyan Tolhildan at the forum on 10 years women’s revolution -22 July 2022

On July 22, Jiyan Tolhildan, one of the commanders of the YPJ and the SDF and also general commander of the YAT forces spoke at the forum on 10 years women’s revolution, in Qamishlo. On the same day, Turkey attacked a car with an unmanned aircraft killing her, Roj Khabûr, YPJ Commander and Barin Botan, YAT member.

On the first day of the forum, Commander Jiyan Tolhildan spoke at the forum on 10 years women’s revolution. In her speech she spoke about the importance of self-defense, she vowed to continue to struggle for the women’s revolution in North and East Syria and Rojava.

Jiyan Tolhildan was part of the revolution from the very beginning, organizing the people, working from the formation of the YXG to the one of the YPJ army and the activities of the YAT. In 2013, Commander Jiyan fought against the Daesh gangs, against the Al-Nusra, Sheikh Maqsood, Shadad, Manbij and Deir ez-Zor gangs, and fought position by position with the coalition forces. She participated in all rescue steps.

Commander Roj Khabûr, participated in the liberation steps against Daesh gangs with Jiyan Tolhildan.

Barîn Botan, member of the YAT and YPJ, was from Afrin and join the YPJ to fight for the revolution and the liberation of the occupied territories.

In less than a week, more than 15 members of the fighters died in attacks by the turkish state

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