Here are some videos presenting our campaign, giving background information on the women’s revolution in Rojava and Shengal, and portraying some of the female internationalists who have gone to Rojava to fight for the revolution, such as Ivana Hoffmann, Anna Campbell or Alina Sanchez.

Our campaign (English)

Background information

-One year after Afrin : the Turkish invasion explained by an internationalist (February 2019) (English and French)

– Report made by Arte (November 2018) (French and German)

– Understanding the war in Syria, by International Red Help (February 2017) (French and German)

– Report made by Arte on the different aspects of the women’s revolution in Rojava (March 2016) (French and German)

– A BBC Report on a training camp for female fighters (August 2015) (English)

– The testimony of Hêza, a Yazidi woman, who escaped Daesh to join the female fighting units for Shengal (YJS) (English and Spanish subs)

Female internationalists who have fought in Rojava

– Ivana Hoffmann, as her friends and her mother remember her (February 2018) (German and French)

– Şehîd Hêlin (Anna Campbell), who fell on 15th March 2018 in Afrin (English)

– Tribute to Şehîd Lêgerîn Çiya (Alina Sanchez) (Castellano and Kurdish)


– A vocal message from Afrin addressed to all women for the 8th march 2018 (German)

– A video presenting the campaign #WomenRiseUpForAfrin, in support of the Rojava canton Afrin that was invaded by Turkey in January 2018

– A video from the YPG Tabur International to thank for Celox hemostatic dressings that have been sent to them as part of a solidarity campaign for internationalist fighters in Rojava (February 2018) (English and French)