On Saturday 27 October 2018, a demonstration took place in Munich to commemorate Andrea Wolf (Sehid Ronahi), killed 20 years ago by the Turkish military. The demonstration, banned by the police a few days before, finally took place with the presence of over 200 persons (read the article on ANF in German).

Here is the speech shared that day by the comrades of the Internationalist Commune.

« Dear friends and comrades,

20 years ago, at the 23rd of Octobre, 24 of our comrades were killed in Catak, Bakur, by the Turkish military. One of them was Andrea Wolf. They were giving their lives, because they loved life so much.

Since oppression is existing, there is also resistance – and there are revolutionaries, there are fighters for freedom. The love for humanity was powering them, the love for humanity is powering us. In the worldwide struggle for liberation, the martyrs stay alive, they become immortal.

One of them is our comrade Andrea Wolf.
Twenty years ago Sehid Ronahi, Andrea Wolf, fall into the hands of enemy alive, what was taking her internationalist identity as the reason to execute her. Sehid Ronahi, her life and her struggle, her deep believe and her strong will, is a meaningful example for us as Internationalist Commune of Rojava.

For us she embodies that internationalism, what we want to live. The willingness to fight the revolutionary struggle at every place, at all times, also under hardest circumstances and by any means necessary. With her life and her attitude Sehid Ronahi showed us, what it really means to follow that path until the last consequence. Regardless of fighting in the metropolisses of capitalistic modernity or in the mountains of Kurdistan, Sehid Ronahi never got down, she never gave in. The internationalist mindset, what pulled her to the mountains of Northern Kurdistan, pulled us to the plains of Western Kurdistan, Rojava. By building up and defending the revolution in Rojava, by our search for revolutionary perspectives, we also continue her way.

And like twenty years ago Sehid Ronahi was faced to German weapons in the hands of Turkish fascists, today the freedomfighters in Afrin are faced German tanks. This weapons of factories from capitalistic centre show, that the war of the fascistic AKP-Regime is also in the name of the imperialistic forces. Because that, what means to die for some, means profit and power for the others.

But all the weapons of the world are not succesfull in breaking down the resistance, what they are facing in the spirit of sehids. And it is the responsibility of all of us, not to let the bond of resistance, what means the defense of freedom, to be taken out. For this we call all progressive and revolutionary forces to attack the power at every level, by any means necessary and to give resistance against their anti-human behaviour.

Today with the revolution of Rojava a new hope is shining. Rojava is a beacon surrounded by deepest capitalistic darkness. And it shows the way to a free future. It‘s our revolutionary duty to carry a flame of this revolution also into the darkest places of the world and spark it, to live up to the heritage of our martyrs. Her deep believing in worldwide revolution characterizes Sehid Ronahi, our martyr comrade Andrea Wolf. By following her way, we overcome the line between dead and alive, the enemy intents to draw. Our attachment above all boundaries is, what frightens the enemy the most and it is our most powerful weapon against it.

In this spirit, where ever we are, we want to memorize our comrades, who fell sehid for a liberated society at 23rd Octobre 1998.
Their names are:

Ş. Rojhat, Ş. Cembeli, Ş. Hozan Hogir, Ş. Kamuran, Ş. Azîme Savaş, Ş. Agirî, Ş. Botan, Ş. Kawa, Ş. Şiyar, Ş. Leşker, Ş. Kemal, Ş. Tekoşer, Ş. Amed, Ş. Deniz, Ş. Xoşnav, Ş. Harun Aziz, Ş. Kendal Berxwedan, Ş. Gabar Afrîn, Ş. Sîpan, Ş. Salman, Ş. Bahoz, Ş. Dilbirîn Ş. Xezal and Ş. Ronahî

Sehid namirin – the revolutionary matryres stay alive in the struggle – »

Text and video on the Internationalist Commune’s website


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