British communist volunteer from London, Rûken Renas, remembers British YPJ volunteer Helîn Qerecox (Anna Campbell)

Helin Qereçox

I first met HelÎn when I was hospitalised in Sere Kaniye within my first month in Rojava. She visited me twice to check on my situation, and I remember clearly her determination and her strength, as she told me she wanted to fight. She spoke good Kurdish, and was well loved by the people for her kindness and her eagerness to talk with them, listen to them and help create a new life with them with the blossoming of the Rojava Revolution.

She had come to Rojava to help serve the Kurdish revolution, especially the growing women’s movement in the revolution which has liberated hundreds of women from both Daesh and the Assad Regime. She had become fully involved in the society, making strong bonds, moving with the women of Rojava to recognise their own freedom and autonomy.

Just before she went to Afrin, she told me she was going to fight, just as she did all those months ago back in Sere Kaniye. Once again, the fire of her iron willpower blazed in her eyes and I knew she would. There was no stopping her. Her strength and courage was immaculate.

Helîn was incredibly popular and appreciated by the people of Kurdistan. Her solidarity, sacrifice and willingness to fight is unmistakably beautiful. She will become an icon of international solidarity, and prove that love, bravery and the very human instinct to protect others lives, despite the lies we are told about human nature being selfish and uncaring.

Şehid Helîn will be remembered throughout the years as a 21st century hero. We must never forget her.

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