As Kurdistan 24 reports, UN finishes first Ezidi mass grave exhumation in Iraq, shedding light on the horrors perpetrated by Daesh : « The United Nations Investigative Team for the Promotion of Accountability for Crimes Committed by ISIS (UNITAD) on Sunday confirmed ongoing forensic and technical support for Iraqi government teams working on the exhumation of Yezidi (Ezidi) gravesites located in the village of Kojo throughout April. […]

Following the extremist group’s emergence in Iraq in 2014, the Ezidi religious minority suffered heavily at the hands of the jihadist group, including mass executions. The occupation of the town of Sinjar (Shingal) led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Ezidis, who the Islamic State considers heretics. 

Militants subjected Ezidi women and girls to sexual slavery, kidnapped children, forced religious conversions, executed scores of men, and abused, sold, and trafficked women across areas they controlled in Iraq and Syria.

So far, dozens of Ezidi mass graves have been found in the country, 11 of which were discovered in the small village of Kojo. »

Read the full article on Kurdistan 24.

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