In her intervention at the International Forum on Demographic Change and Ethnic Cleansing in Afrin, published on ANF, YPJ spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah explains the geopolitical interests Turkey has in the region:

“The parties are trying to map the Middle East in line with their own economic and political interests:

« [Turkey] is continuing to pursue its policy in order to revive the Ottoman dream. Azaz, Jarablus and Bab, were invaded and its eyes were on Aleppo as well. After launching a great battle with all sorts of heavy weapons, Turkey invaded Afrin and now it threatens to attack the east of the Euphrates.”

To this end, Turkey is perpetuating ethnic cleansing and trying to change the identity of the people who live in Afrin:

“In addition to the crimes such as killing, torture, abduction and forced migration, the structure of society has being changed in Afrin.”

“Turkish education materials have been made compulsory in schools, – said Abdullah – while education in the mother tongue is banned and Turkish flags are hung in official buildings. Women are forced to wear the veil and sacred places, especially the Yazidi’s ones, have been destroyed”

She also explained how the Turkish state closely collaborates with Daesh and other Islamist armed groups.

In spite of this, Abdullah said they stand beside people who support peace and resistance and thanked everyone who defended the dignity of humanity.

We will never forget the support given to us by the women of the world. – she said – They became our spiritual source of power. We promise once again: we will use all our strength to ensure women’s freedom and justice. We would like to thank you once again on behalf of all Northern Syrian and YPJ women, and wish everyone success in your struggle to protect and defend the values ​​of humanity”.

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