Learn more about the history and organisation of Kongreya Star, the confederation of women’s movements throughout the region of Rojava :
« This brochure focuses on five fields of Kongreya Star: the organisation of the communes; establishing a communal economic system; providing education; the organisation of self-defence; and the development of the women’s science, called Jineology, along with the furthering of art and culture. Each of these fields is interconnected and in all of its activities, Kongreya Star adheres to the bottom-up principle of democratic organisation. Kongreya Star also follows the principle of plurality, including women of all ethnicities and religions. Together, we aim for equal participation and representation of women in all spheres of life, fusing the foundation of a democratic nation with the ideology of women’s liberation. »
About the work and ideas of Kongreya Star, the Women’s Movement in Rojava (The Committee of Diplomacy of Kongreya Star, August 2016)
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